It’s not just Sundays... yes, we have Sunday services at both our congregations, but King’s Church is much more than a weekly gathering. Our passion is for people not just to be attendees but active participants. We long for people to know, grow and sow – to know Jesus, to grow in the knowledge of Jesus and sow their lives to share Jesus with their circle of influence.

Connect with God – our purpose is to meet with God in our corporate worship. A strong and growing relationship with Jesus. This is the fuel we need to do everything else we do as a church. He is the centre and the heartbeat of this church.

Connect with Others – building positive relationships with one another is the key in creating unity and synerygy within the church body. Our small groups or Knect groups provide the perfect setting for us to get along with each other, support one another, and laugh together.

Connect with Ministry – our faith is not passive. God has given us all talents and skills that make us who we are. We want to use our gifts and talents to help others Knect with God through our serving; whether that is serving teach and coffee, playing a musical instrument or being a small group leader, we all have a positive role to play.

Connect with those who are not followers of Jesus yet – we want to take the amazing message of the love of Jesus to our family and friends and the communities and our city in which we serve. Through our words, our actions and our lifestyle we want to impact our world. Impact our world with the love of God, expressed through practical action, faithful service and passionate hearts

We are a church that challenges complacency, encourages practical involvement and dispenses hope. Our vision and invitation is simple.... come as you are.